15 August

Bila lapar boyfriend bawakkan makanan, bila nak shopping dia teman, 
bila pms dia sabar je bila kita mengamuk dan siap belikan pad, belanja makan, 
bawa jalan jalan dan mungkin bacakan yasin sebab bila mengamuk perangai macam syaitan 


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You dont have to have it all now. In fact, you dont have to have it all. This is life, 
you win some, you lose some. Youll be happy someday. I promise.

Yes for some people we are special, but for others, we are just another human being.
thanks abby you deserve not only a space in my blog or my facebook or my whatever 
but also a space in my heart, 

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Hari ceria saya bersama awak 

thank you very much for everyting muahhhhhhhh.....

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